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Carku Outdoor Power Appears at the 15th Alxa Hero Meeting


The 15th Off-Road E Race·Alxa Hero Meeting

Successfully held in Alxa Dream Desert Park

Carku unveiled a variety of new outdoor power supplies

Car enthusiasts and self-driving tourists from all over the country

Deep into the hinterland of the Tengger Desert

Set up camp in the Dream Desert Park

Feel the embrace of the vast world

The heroic passion that gallops the boundless desert

The most passionate duel requires the most reliable cheer

New outdoor power supplies brought by Carku this time

100W, 300W, 500W, 600W and other different output power

It can be applied to household electricity storage, emergency rescue and disaster relief, outdoor photography

Outdoor camping, drone battery life, emergency lighting, etc.

As a small and convenient "charging station"

Carku outdoor power supply can be used for drones, projectors, cameras

Power supply for cameras, survey and emergency equipment, etc.

Not only can the car be charged through the cigarette lighter, but also solar panels

The power supply itself is supplemented with energy, and the charging method is not limited

Pure sine wave output, comparable to mains

It can stably charge all kinds of equipment for outdoor and field trips

With ten major safety protections

Even in the dark wild

It can also provide you with additional high-power, high-brightness lighting at any time

Add a touch of brilliance to your outdoor life

For outdoor electricity use, use Carku+ outdoor power supply

Safer and more assured