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Carku Electricity+ outdoor power supply unveiled at the 2020 Beijing RV Show


On September 10-13, 2020, the four-day 20th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition · The 25th China International RV Camping Conference 2020 was successfully held in RV World·Beijing RV Expo Center. After assisting the Shenzhen Summer Car Buying Festival not long ago, Carer Cool Electric + Outdoor Power has once again appeared at the Beijing RV Show. With its outstanding quality and functional strength, it has attracted a large number of RV manufacturers, self-driving tours, outdoor camping equipment and other customers to visit and understand. The atmosphere was warm.

Carku booth attracted many exhibitors to stop, and the staff always received full enthusiasm and patiently to receive customers who came to consult, and showed the characteristics and advantages of outdoor power supply to the visitors.

Demand for RV camping is growing, there is huge room for development

In recent years, the country and the government have paid more and more attention to the self-driving tour and RV camping industry. According to data, in 2018, the domestic sales of RVs reached 6,000, and the number of RVs was about 20,000. Based on the average price of 200,000 to 300,000 yuan per RV, the size of China's RV market has reached 4 to 6 billion yuan.

Although the market of my country's RV camping industry is far from that of the international market, there is huge room for development in China. From the current development trend, RV camping will become the most promising industry in China's tourism industry in the future.

How to ensure sufficient power? Electricity + outdoor power assisted RV camping

In order to solve this problem, Carku Electricity+ 500pro outdoor power supply, 500W high power, can output the energy of the battery core to electric fans, juicers, car refrigerators, rice cookers and other equipment through the AC port, which is used for RV camping. Electricity demand provides safer and more reliable travel protection.


It has 9 abundant output ports, adopts PD two-way fast charging, and controls the operation through the three switches of DC, USB, and AC. You can check the working status through the LCD screen in the middle.


Even if you are outdoors, you dont have to worry about electricity + no electricity. Using solar energy can easily achieve the effect of charging while using, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

For the first time to participate in the RV show, Carku Outdoor Power has been loved and sought after by the majority of exhibitors, which undoubtedly provides more possibilities for RV outdoor camping. In the future, Carku will continue to innovate, continue to open up more outdoor scenes, increase more interactions in the outdoor field, and make the domestic outdoor market full of vitality.