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Self-driving in Qinglong Lake Waterfront Wetland Park: Use Carku Electric + Outdoor Power to Start a Beautiful Outdoor Life


Wetland, as the kidney of the earth, provides a dependent living environment for 20% of the earth’s biological species. As a travel blogger, I have a soft spot for wetlands during my professional journey. Every frame of wetland such as Ruoergai Wetland, Lalu Wetland, Xixi Wetland, Liaohe Delta Wetland, etc., often appears before us.

In the early morning, the autumn light breeze spreads out, and the gentle sunshine is shining diagonally on the face. You can drive to Beijing Qinglong Lake Waterfront Wetland Park by car to experience the tens of thousands of customs of the wetlands in the suburbs of Beijing.

The dense reeds, reflections on the shore, and the scenery endowed by nature are always so inadvertent and impressive. Rich colors, like the palette of the painter, embellish the sky so deeply.

Many hours of walking left many memories. We are hungry and we are about to start a hot pot feast.

After the hot pot, a cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice can relax the stomach and intestines. With the support of CARKU's outdoor power supply +500pro, a 250W cooking machine is used to realize the immediate production of freshly squeezed juice, and the happiness index is significantly improved.

I often receive private messages from weibo fans, how to choose a suitable outdoor power supply? In this way, for you who are also concerned about outdoor power supplies, I will explain with the actual experience of CARKU outdoor power supply +500pro.

Carku outdoor power supply +500pro, 260x173x202mm size, small and portable, supplemented with an integrated handle design, which is conducive to the use of outdoor travel. Its 4.5kg net weight is extremely lightweight, only about 75% of the weight of other brands of outdoor power supplies with the same capacity of 550Wh.

Of course, the primary consideration for choosing a suitable outdoor power supply is its safety. From the point of view of the actual measurement of mobile phone charging, Carku Outdoor Power +500pro uses lossless batteries and pure sine waves to truly achieve efficient and stable current transmission and achieve a non-damage state.

The button design of LED, DC, USB and AC is more user-friendly, providing control for current transmission and improving safety performance. The LED smart digital display makes the current input and output status of Carku Outdoor Power +500pro clearly visible and clear at a glance. The LED lamp on the front is designed to provide lighting function for night use. During use, the power supply presents a good heat dissipation effect, mainly based on the design of the heat dissipation holes around it.

In today's technological iterations, fast charging of digital products has become a rigid demand. Carku+500pro's PD 60W fast charging design can realize fast charging of digital products such as notebooks and mobile phones, and solve your urgent electricity needs.

To sum up, as to how to choose an excellent outdoor power supply, you must have your own answer: safety and practicality occupy the main weight, and then consider the auxiliary factors such as appearance design and commodity price. Faced with such a cost-effective Carku+500pro, would you still hesitate?

Floating clouds and wandering meaning, the setting sun is old, the clouds are light and breezy, I like this refreshing style. After a meal, walk along the Chongqing Reservoir and talk about the road of life. At this moment, only words and images are used to record the peace and harmony belonging to the Qinglong Lake Waterfront Wetland Park at this moment.