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Strong alliance, Carku outdoor power supply helps Shenzhen summer car shopping festival



July 25-26

Carku brings a variety of car starter power and outdoor power +500

Appeared at Longhua Galaxy iCO

Help out the Shenzhen Summer Car Shopping Festival



Carku's love and profit

30 yuan discount promotion

Attracted a large audience to stop and watch


At the same time, Carku staff use 63B

Free phone rescue service for "Chevrolet Malibu XL"

Not only solves the car startup problem

Provide safety protection for car owners


Electricity + outdoor power supply for electric fan

The temperature in the afternoon is rising steadily, making people too hot to love

The extreme heat has become the ultimate "baking" test for the staff

Although there is a floor fan, the cable is too short to connect to the socket

Thanks to Carku for preparing an outdoor power supply

Easily solve the problem of electric fan outdoor electricity consumption

Carku electric + outdoor power supply through 220V AC output

Fast realization of electric fan power



Electricity+ 500pro.with 500W high power

In addition to charging mobile phones, laptops and other digital products

It can also be used for juice machines, car refrigerators,rice cookers

Power supply for low-power devices


Don’t worry about running out of electricity even when you’re outdoors

Using solar energy, it can be easily used while charging

Environmental protection and energy saving

Electricity +500Pro solar charging

Through strong support for this event

Interactive commentary with the scene

Not only allows more car owners to experience the excellent quality of Carku

Further deepen the understanding of the Carku brand

Also won the trust and praise of auto manufacturers


Outdoor Electricity|Carku guarantees your battery life